Back in Greece

Back in Greece

After a long winter break we are back in Preveza. A full two months we have spent in Germany lie now behind us. Besides a few obligatory appointments (the annual dentist check, for example), we have filled the time with activities that tend to fall short during the everyday life on the boat: Visits to concerts and cinemas, days on the ski slopes and last but not least, of course, the hours spent with our families and friends. Fortunately, the worry of losing sight of dear “left-behinds” has proven to be unnecessary. On the contrary, we were always welcomed with open arms and were able to pass the time without any problems, even without having any accommodation of our own. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this once again!

Snowman in Bavaria

Since the airport in Preveza is hardly used in the winter months and is practically deserted, our trip took us via Athens, which is about 4.5 hours by car from Preveza. Unfortunately, the one-way rental was very expensive and only the second best option after the shared cab for 60 euros per person that we used on the way there. In addition, it was not the particularly clever to use the country roads to save the very expensive toll (about 30 euros one-way), because this increased the driving time to an uncomfortable 8 hours. With the rental car, however, we were able to do a big grocery shopping for the next few days right away. Aktio Marina is quite isolated in the middle of the marshland on the “wrong” side of Preveza. Except for a few farms there is nothing here – nothing at all, not even a shopping possibility is within walking distance. Therefore we rented a scooter for the next weeks. This way, when we are fed up by boat work, we can make excursions into the surrounding area, for example to the small village of Vonitsa. Compared to Germany, it is already very pleasantly warm here and the caf├ęs by the sea provide an opportunity to relax.

Boat work is starting again

Our Pangolin has made it through the winter just fine. We found her just as we left her at the beginning of December. The marina is still quite deserted at the moment, but little by little other “yachtis” are arriving and, like us, are working on their boats. Punctually at eight o’clock in the morning, the shipyard workers also start their work and just as punctually at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the noise of the work abruptly stops again.

If you follow our Instagram channel, you can already guess that we have some major repairs coming up. While removing the antifouling in the fall, we discovered a few spots on the hull that we need to take care of – more on that later. We have a very long list of boat work anyway – let’s see what we can get done.

Maybe we will do the courses (“Medicine on board” and “Offshore safety training”) at the end of March, which had to be cancelled a year ago due to the pandemic. Before that, we will definitely not make it onto the water.