Guests from home

Guests from home

After spending many days in Paxos and Antipaxos we got to know the islands well. It was time to move on, so we set off for Nydri on Lefkada island further south. The trip was a smooth ride with lots of sunshine until we reached the channel bridge of Lefkada. The bridge should open hourly, however it did not, so we waited for a full 1,5h until we could pass. With 30 knots of wind and high waves the circling in line with other boats was not great fun…

We stayed at anchor in Nydri for two days and two more days on the IBA pontoon – one of the many small pontoons of the city. Nydri is quite a touristy town, the promenade is filled with cocktail bars, however quite charming of its own kind. Our pontoon (20 Euros for a day for a 41ft boat including power and water) also featured a chandlery nearby where we bought a new landline (this time it floats and is bright yellow!) because we had to cut our old one in Antipaxos in strong winds. We also fitted the chain with chain markers. The main reason for going there however was a new frame for our stern solar panel which was fabricated by the locally well known “Stainless Phil”. If you ever need stainless jobs in the Nydri/Lefaka/Preveza area, call Phil or Dimitris. They have both done different projects for us and have always delivered quality wise.

Of course we also wanted to explore the Nydri area by foot. So we hiked to the Dimossari waterfalls which was spectacular but coooold.

From Nydri, we sailed along the west coast of Lefkada, stopped for a night at anchor at “Standing Stones beach”- being the only boat there was really nice. The next day took us around Lefkada bound for Preveza. Beaches and water color on the west coast of Lefkada are nothing less of spectacular!

Icecold water in the waterfall

After a night at anchor in the protected “Hospital bay” in Preveza (a well known and popular choice among cruisers) we moored in Preveza marina for three days to wait for Lotte (Annemaries sister) and Markus (her partner). They arrived on 10th of July and stayed a full week with us. A trip within the ambrakian gulf for turtle watching, testing our new SUP, lots of sun and cool drinks made the first days a nice star for the upcoming week with them. Preveza marina is really well organized, friendly staff and very modern and clean facilities, however quite expensive.

Our new SUP

The program of the week included strolling through Preveza, barbeque or pizza on board, relaxing at the hotel pool and a day trip to the turquoise water of the west Lefkada beaches. We anchored at Milos Beach for the day. which zou can only do with little to no waves rolling in from the west as it is unprotected. We had to leave around noon as the westerly winds started. The next day, we rented some motos and explored the Preveza area including the historic sites of Nicopolis and the stunning Zalongo monument for which we had to climb 400 steps! The week was over way too fast and Lotte and Markus had to leave to catch the flight back home.

Hiking at Zalongo

Being back on the boat without guests, we will sail in the ambrakian gulf for a week. It is a less crowded area and there is a diverse wildlife to explore.

And to give an update on the refit projects: We have changed the leaking rocker cover seal of the motor and hope that the oil leak will stop. Our dingi had to be fixed which turned out to be quite tricky. Our freezer is somewhat weak however and does not fully cool. We think it need refilling of coolant fluid. And we noticed our AGM batteries are finally at the end of their service life. We have to decide between new AGMs or Lithium. More on that later…